RO2 is a two hour exam, in which time you will be expected to answer 100 questions with the click of a mouse.

Of those questions, 72 will be multi-choice, whereby you will be required to identify the one correct answer from a list of four.

These are followed by 28 multi response questions, in which several answers will be correct from a list of 6 potentials. In order to gain 1 mark, you will need to correctly identify all the correct answers listed within the question.

In order to achieve a pass, you will need to correctly answer 65 of the available 100 questions


  • o Provide an analysis of the client situation
  • o Analyse the characteristics, inherent risks, behaviour and correlation of asset classes.
  • o Understand the macro-economic environment and its impact on asset classes.
  • o Understand the merits and limitations of the main investment theories.
  • o Apply the principles of the time value of money.
  • o Analyse and explain the nature and impact of the main types of risk on investment performance.
  • o Analyse the characteristics, inherent risks, behaviours and relevant tax considerations of investment products.
  • o Apply the investment advice process.
  • o Understand the principles of investment planning.
  • o Analyse the performance of investments.



If you attend one of our courses and fail to pass the exam (although we don't think you will), we will continue to provide written and telephone technical support for future sitting of the exam.

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