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Your only taste of financial services exams to date may well have been through numerous multi choice papers, where the answers to the questions are there on the page / screen somewhere.

For many, the three hour written RO6 exam will come as a shock to you if you are not fully prepared, in a way that will help you convey your answers to the examiners in the format they require. But there is no need to panic.

On the plus side, there is an efficient way of preparing for the exam, because you will be provided with two client scenarios before you even enter the examination room.

Prior to the exam, we will provide you with our model solution, based on the actual case studies issued by the CII prior to the exam you will be sitting. Our Chartered Financial Planners will scrutinise the client scenarios and prepare model questions and answers for you before you enter the examination room.

Syllabus, as per the CII definition

  • o Provide an analysis of the client situation
  • o Establish the likely question that the CII examiners will ask (based on our experience)
  • o Provide solutions to these questions and technical content needed to pass the exam
  • o Our solution is prepared in the exact format you should use in the Exam
  • o Give you the technique required to pass the exam
  • o Calculations which may arise in the exam
  • o Things that may not come up, but you never know
  • o Case study inconsistencies



If you attend one of our courses and fail to pass the exam (although we don't think you will), we will continue to provide written and telephone technical support for future sitting of the exam.

Free Samples

If you wish to take a sneak peak at our service offerings then please contact us via the Contact page and we will be happy to provide some to you via e-mail.


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Revision Days

Our revision days include pre-course study material, plus ongoing support from the date of the course until the day of the exam. Time will be spent analysing case studies and explaining how they should be approached in exam conditions plus tips on exam technique.

All revision days are priced at £225.

NOTE: Dates/Locations marked by * are fully booked.

27 September 18 - London


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October 2018 Solution


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