Taxation & Trust

As mentioned on our main page, there is no ‘quick fix’ when preparing for the AF1 Taxation & Trust Exam. The CII claim that 150 hours of revision is required to adequately cover the syllabus to be tested. Whilst this might well be an exaggeration, is gives an idea of the amount of work involved.

The syllabus is far reaching, with the CII now starting to examine the needs and requirements of clients who are experiencing financial difficulties, as well as the High Net Worth clients we would all like to deal with on a day to day basis. Debt Relief Orders and IVA’s have been tested in recent sittings of the exam. Carry Forward calculations have also been tested, something we would have expected to appear in the AF3 Pension Planning paper.

Pass Rate

In 2017, the pass rate for this exam was 49.10%

Syllabus, as per the CII definition

  • o Basic structure of the tax system and self-assessment
  • o Main personal taxes on income/capital charged on individuals during life/death
  • o How tax liabilities are computed
  • o Tax treatment of social security benefits & interaction with other sources of income
  • o National Insurance, how it is calculated and applied
  • o Tax treatment of different kinds of investments
  • o Impact of residence and domicile on an individual's liability to UK tax
  • o Legal principles associated with the creation and management of a trust
  • o Main types and uses of trusts that are common in the UK
  • o Duties, powers and responsibilities of trustees
  • o Powers of Attorney including different types, the procedures for establishing a Power of Attorney & implications
  • o Consequences of making a Will and dying intestate
  • o Bankruptcy, rules and the role of the trustee in bankruptcy
  • o Taxation considerations relevant to trusts



If you attend one of our courses and fail to pass the exam (although we don't think you will), we will continue to provide written and telephone technical support for future sitting of the exam.

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Next Exam Date: 8 Apr 2019 (am)

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We offer a Structured Learning package for this exam. Please see our AF1 Structured Learning page for more.


Our workbooks include aspects of the syllabus from level 4 Diploma exams and ‘mock’ case studies, which you should not attempt until you have completed the revision text contained within the workbook.

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