AF1 Structured Learning


For those who prefer a more structured (organised) approach to their revision, we have introduced this study plan to prepare for your exam in the coming months.

The syllabus will be covered gradually with the help of weekly study notes, ad hoc audio and video tutorials, as well as mock exam questions which we will mark and provide feedback on. There will also be a full mock exam sent out two weeks before the main examination, again which we will mark and provide feedback on. Don’t forget we will also be available for email and telephone help as required, right up until the day of the exam

The syllabus will be delivered in bite sized chunks which will allow you to cement your learning as you progress towards the date of the exam.

Each candidate will be provided with a detailed study plan from the start so they know what to expect and when to expect it.

Content covered within the syllabus

  • o Income Tax
  • o National Insurance
  • o Capital Gains Tax
  • o Inheritance Tax
  • o Residence Nil Rate Band
  • o Residence and Domicile
  • o UK Tax Compliance and Self-Assessment
  • o Direct Investments
  • o Indirect Investments
  • o Types Of Trusts
  • o Trust Taxation
  • o Use and Administration Of Trusts
  • o Powers Of Attorney
  • o Bankruptcy
  • o Life Assurance and Pensions


Good to know

Our structure leaning options will commence in July. Feel free to ask for a study plan and sample material to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Our Structured Learning course is priced at £300 for the April 2019 exam.

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