Investment Planning

As mentioned on our main page, there is no ‘quick fix’ when preparing for the AF4 Investment Planning Exam.

The CII claim that 150 hours of revision is required to adequately cover the syllabus to be tested. Whilst this might well be an exaggeration, is gives an idea of the amount of work involved.

Many of the questions posed in this exam tend to be of more relevance to fund managers than advisers, but if the CII test it, you need to know it. We will ensure you are familiar with all the formulae likely to be tested (although you will never need them again during your working life!)

Pass Rate

In 2017, the pass rate for this exam was 48.96%

Syllabus, as per the CII definition

  • o Economic Environment and its impact on investment performance and investment decision making
  • o Main features, risk and returns of direct financial investments, collective investments and other investments
  • o Individual company performance and company accounts
  • o Measurement and management of risk and returns
  • o Main principles governing how to construct an investment portfolio
  • o Range of investment management services, how their performance is evaluated, and their regulatory environment
  • o In addition to these, a considerable amount of marks (25% - 50%) are available for calculations (information, sharpe and price earnings ratios, as well as running yield, dividend cover and Capital Asset Pricing Model, to name but a few)



If you attend one of our courses and fail to pass the exam (although we don't think you will), we will continue to provide written and telephone technical support for future sitting of the exam.

Free Samples

If you wish to take a sneak peak at our service offerings then please contact us via the Contact page and we will be happy to provide some to you via e-mail.


Next Exam Date: 9 Apr 2019 (am)

Revision Days

Our revision days include pre-course study material, plus ongoing support from the date of the course until the day of the exam. Time will be spent analysing case studies and explaining how they should be approached in exam conditions plus tips on exam technique.

All revision days are priced at £265.

20 March 19 - London


Our workbooks include aspects of the syllabus from level 4 Diploma exams and ‘mock’ case studies, which you should not attempt until you have completed the revision text contained within the workbook.

Please see our Workbooks page for more.