AF5 is very different from the other AF exams.

Whilst the CII still quote the 150 hours of study required for the exam, we feel this is very much over-stated. Apart from reviewing past papers to get a flavour of the exam style question, there is little that can be done until the client fact find is released two weeks before the exam. There are companies out there that will try to convince you that a two day course it needed for this one and rest assured it is not.

Many fear this exam, as it is the compulsory paper, and wrongly assume it will test the syllabuses from all the other AF exams in detail. For that reason, this exam is usually left until last. Our view is to get it out of the way first. We also feel it is possible to sit this exam with one of the other AF exams at the same sitting.

How easy is the AF5 exam?

Waffle too much and you are likely to fail. Get too technical and you are likely to fail. So is it difficult? Yes, because it's so simple! Almost everyone comes out of the exam thinking they have passed with flying colours, but in 2017 only 64.60% of candidates passed. This exam is 20% knowledge, 80% exam technique!

Syllabus, as per the CII definition

  • o Understanding the relationship between adviser and client
  • o Evaluation of different remuneration strategies
  • o Understanding and evaluating client objectives and the importance of prioritising
  • o Understanding the assumptions underlying the financial plan
  • o Understanding the client's financial status
  • o The various risks faced by clients and the importance of risk profiling
  • o Evaluation of the different options available to a client with relevant evidence
  • o The ability to put forward an appropriate financial plan based on analysis of client objectives, circumstances and options
  • o The ability to explain the meaning of technical terms, product features and consequences of the proposed course of action
  • o Documenting any changes to the financial plan
  • o Understanding the review process


Fact Find Analysis

For those who do not feel they would benefit from the revision day, but require a little help, our comprehensive fact find analysis will be available for download within 5 days of the client fact find being released by the CII.

The analysis is written by Chartered Financial Planners and past CII examiners. It includes our view on the likely client objectives, the potential questions which could arise, and more importantly the answers to go with those questions. The cost of the ‘analysis’ includes our exam guarantee, whereby if you fail (although we don’t think you will) we will continue to provide our written analysis to future exams until you do pass.


If you attend one of our courses and fail to pass the exam (although we don't think you will), we will continue to provide written and telephone technical support for future sitting of the exam.

Free Samples

If you wish to take a sneak peak at our service offerings then please contact us via the Contact page and we will be happy to provide some to you via e-mail.


Next Exam Date: 10 Oct 2018 (am)

Revision Days

Revision days for AF5 take place after the client fact-find has been released. The session will be run by a Chartered Financial Planner who has passed the exam and will include tips on exam technique. During the session the client fact find will be taken apart and analysed piece by piece. The cost of the revision day includes our exam guarantee, whereby if you fail (although we don't think you will) we will continue to provide our written analysis to future exams until you do pass.

All revision days are priced at £265.

NOTE: Dates/Locations marked by * are fully booked.

26 Sept 18 - Manchester

28 Sept 18 - London*

29 Sept 18 - Bristol

01 Oct 18 - Edinburgh*

Fact Find Analysis

Our Fact Find analysis is released within 5 days of the client fact find being released by the CII at a cost of £120.

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Our workbooks include aspects of the syllabus from level 4 Diploma exams and ‘mock’ case studies, which you should not attempt until you have completed the revision text contained within the workbook.

Please see our Workbooks page for more.